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Cv Training in the heat

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:00 am
by cweeks
Does anyone have any advice for cv training during this terrible heat wave we’re having on the east coast?

How much time would you add on to your cv, LT, and tempo times when it’s 90-100 degrees the entire week? Is it even worth pushing the pace when it’s that hot out?

I’ve been doing my best to edit times and water down workouts due to the heat but feel like we aren’t winning workouts and race times haven’t been that great. even my more dedicated kids, who ran all summer, haven’t looked all that great in workouts and races despite watered down times, more recovery for water break and editing my turn over work.

The Original workout for most was 5x800-1k cv effort with 200m jog recovery, followed by 5x30-20 seconds at mile effort with 1 min to 40 second jog recovery.

However, based on feedback and how the kids looked I had to edit it a lot. For example, one kid made it through 3 cv 1ks after running the first three too fast so I had him do did a 2k tin man tempo piece instead. I also cut the mile pace efforts down to 20-10 seconds at mile effort with 40-50 seconds recovery.

Did I make the right call? And is there anything else I could have done?

Re: Cv Training in the heat

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:35 pm
by jkaine
My experience is it depends on each athlete on how to adjust but that almost with all you will need a little adjustment. For the ones who adapt to running in the heat well if I am doing mile reps at LT or K's at CV then I don't need a big adjustment in times or rest, they will just run on the slower end of the pace ranges. For those who don't run in the heat well I will use some pace adjustment that is in line with what Tom has shown as a slow down in the past. For 90 degree feels like days that would be roughly a 5 percent adjustment with the pace. I also have gone to a standing rest as opposed to a jogging 200 rest on the hot days usually 90 seconds for a rep that last 3-3.5 minutes when doing CV work. The other option is to cut the rep distance down.

If we are doing a continuous threshold run or tempo run then I always make the pace adjustment for athletes. However in 90 degree+ days I am not a big fan of doing longer continuous tempo or threshold efforts unless crucial in getting acclimated for a hot race. With XC season because it is likely our key races will be run in cool weather I try not to do many of our longer tempo or threshold runs in the heat. Tom in a different thread stated that if far out from the goal race then making an adjustment in the pace and running off feel is appropriate. If closer to the goal race then you would likely want to cut the distance and run at the faster paces associated with current fitness.

Re: Cv Training in the heat

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:31 am
by Nilcardo
I am a newbie here. I also would like to know about CV training. Thank you!