Based on your experience, what's a realistic goal for track?

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Based on your experience, what's a realistic goal for track?

Post by NIch_xc » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:59 am

So, some background: last track season I was sick/injured all winter and ran almost nothing and ran the season at 30mpw and ran 4:48. During cross I got injured for 3 weeks but averaged 40 mpw and ran 17:17 (30 sec PR after being injured).

This winter I changed my training from all out as often as possible to Tinman style training of:
M - CV Reps + 4x200
T - Easy
W - Easy
Th - Tempo + 4 hills
F - Easy
S - Long Run
Su - Easy (or off if I was lazy)
I also started doubling 3 mi M-F in January and was hitting 50-70 mpw.

This week I ran a CV workout on Wednesday (800m Tempo + 6x1000m @CV effort + 4x200 quick) everything having just a 200m jog and ran 3:16Tempo, 3:47 down to 3:31 CV, and 33 for the 200s. Then Yesterday I ran the 1600 in 4:42 (70-69-68-73) and the 800 in 2:09 (60.xx-68.xx).

Now, I just hit 75 miles as of yesterday for the previous 7 days and I was wondering, since tinman says you won't race your best within 5-8 days of a tough CV workout (it wasnt all out, but probably could've only done 2k more at same effort before racing it) and being in such high mileage, I feel like I am actually in better shape than 4:42 as it was also a rust buster after doing no anaerobic intervals except the easy/quick 200s.

What would be a reasonable time goal for the middle of May? I'm not asking my genetic potential or anything, I want to just run my fastest, but I want to know what you guys think in case my goal is too weak or perhaps way to big or something.

(Also, just want to thank Tinman for all of his freely given knowledge! It's helped immensely!)

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Re: Based on your experience, what's a realistic goal for tr

Post by bloopings » Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:08 pm


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