800/1500 Training. What would be your plan?
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800/1500 Training. What would be your plan?

by Run876 » Thu May 17, 2018 1:25 pm

Ok quick bio on me.

25 yrs old male.
Was an 800m only guy when I was a kid. Haven't done any races that fast for 8 years or so.
Just got off of a pretty solid 5k specific block. 40-50 mpw.
Just ran 19:00 5k but pretty sure I can get around 18:45. Kind of had a strange mental fade and ran second mile 20 sec slow.

In 8 weeks I would like to do a 800 and then 1500. July 13(800) and 14(1500).

Goal of going sub 5 for 1500.

Have 2 5k races June 2nd and June 30th.

Currently am doing (not showing warm up and cool down stuff):

CV pace+4x200@1500m or a touch faster on Tuesdays.

Some alactic speed work or speed endurance on Thursdays (8x30m fly or 5x100m both w/3-4min walk/jg rest)

3-4 miles tinman tempo on Fridays (or skip if Saturday race)

Then slow long run Sunday 10-12 mi

What would your schedule be to prepare for 800/1500? I have used this for 5k, but feel like I will need more speed to run well in shorter races since I haven't ran them in so long. Would like to still keep my mileage around 50. Not sure where or when to put in race specific stuff for 800/1500. Let me know your thoughts guys! Open to anything and everything.

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