Question for MD extras (not mileage)

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Question for MD extras (not mileage)

Post by TexNav » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:19 pm

In regards to Hill work, I would have to go back and check a book to make certain, but I believe that Bruce Jenner in his heyday, did two weekly sessions of 20x300m hillwork. Now, I am no expert, but as an addendum, I also believe he had some achilles issues. The cause really could have been a myriad of things related to all of the high impact training he was doing (even though I believe that he might have been on some good "supplements" at the time).

Also, I am not trying to prescribe anything, just throwing this in as evidence of athletes using longer hill reps.
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MD extras...

Post by jogger » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:05 pm

Multi-pace Aerobic Running is the most important ingredient for a Middle and Distance runner. Strength Endurance is the second most important quality. It may be acquire by different methods : Uphill Running, Bounding (Uphill or Flat),Weight training
(either by Series or Circuit training).It's important to consider the "Transferability" of the method chosen, otherwise you may become stronger but your running speed doesn't change accordingly.
It is a great idea to mix both qualities during the same session(endurance and strength endurance) It saves time and the overall impact is greater and more specific for the results desire.
For example: 20' of Tempo + Hills Charges(either running or bounding)+ Some strides .
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Question for MD extras (not mileage)

Post by Tinman » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:47 am

I agree with Jogger; variety of speeds and types of workouts that connect the dots, so to speak, is the best way to train.

All-out sprints have varying effects, just like short but all-out hills; depending upon the fatigue status of a runner (systemically or locally). Sprinting 40m to 60m (at best speed) is fine if a runner is reasonably fresh. Bill Bowerman used to talk about this at clinics and in his books. For example, to fine-tune Wade Bell for the NCAA championships and the US Olympic Trials 800m races, Bill prescribed 165-yard reps with a float-sprint-float approach (the middle 55 yards was a full sprint and the floats were at 1-mile effort. But, Bill would only prescribe such workouts when Wade had a light training day beforehand. Bill Dellinger prescribed float-sprint-float 165s for middle distance runners and 400m runners, too, but always when runners were "fresh."

By the way, I thought of many others who have used hill reps extensively. Said Aouita, who emulated Seb Coes' training, often did 30 x 100m hills at 1500m race effort (same as Seb). Bill Bowerman and Bill Dellinger coached hundreds of runners over the years using 330 yard hills with one easy, the next medium, and the last one fast. Paul Ereng used 100m hill reps for stength-speed, and longer hills for endurance. John Ngugi used to do 400m hill reps (he'd walk down the hills because they were so steep and hard to run down).

Joachim Cruz did 100m hills reps often, each winter, at about 1500m to 800m race effort. He would do 1 or two fairly fast ones at the end. The hill he used over by Hendricks Park (which I have run on many times) is about 7% grade, I'd say. Henry Rono was a fan of hill running. The one year (I think 1982) he was out of shape in the winter (seriously out of shape) and Al Salazar convinced Henry to run at a matchup over 10,000m at Hayward Field. Henry whipped himself into shape in about 10 weeks by doing a lot of hill reps. In fact, the week of the big 10,000m, Henry was in Eugene and training. Henry ran the same hill as Cruz, but during many loops through Hendrick's Park. He beat Salazar in a kick (I think it was 27:28, but I am not 100% sure - it was close to that) at the end of the week. Salazar, who was quite the arrogant jerk back then, fumed about t the defeat.

I mentioned previously that Steve Scott did hill reps. You can ask him, as I did, how fast he ran the 100m hills (typicaly 20 to 30 reps) and he'll say, "1 mile effort."
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