State XC progression last 6 weeks?

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Re: State XC progression last 6 weeks?

Post by toughnessbucket » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:41 pm

Well, here is my update from the Tennessee State AAA championships. We had a remarkable day. My sophomore girl, who finished 2nd last year as a 9th grader, won state championship yesterday in 80 degree heat by over 13 seconds. Had another girl and boy make all-state top 15 and girls team was totally surprising state runner-up. Heat was so bad the top three ranked teams either lost their top runners or dropped back considerably.

We have three weeks now until Foot Locker south regional. She has an outside chance of finishing in top ten. Any recommendations on sharpening workouts to keep strength strong but prepare for crazy fast start?

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Re: State XC progression last 6 weeks?

Post by Ralphy » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:06 am

We're planning out our final four weeks of training as we approach our Regional and State meets. If we were to follow the plan with the 800 m TT during our peaking week, what adjustments would you make for a Thursday race? i.e., would it make more sense to run the CV + 800 m TT on Monday or the previous Saturday (our kids don't run on Sundays). Thanks.

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