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Last hard workout before peak 3200m race

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 7:47 pm
by citius99
So next friday is my last meet and I'm running the 2mile aiming for 10:40. I've been around 75mpw for the last 5-6 weeks (had an injury before). I planning on being around 70 this week and 60ish my last week. Here is how my week is looking:

Mon 2mi // 2mi race in 10:51 (11mi total)
Tue 3mi // 7mi (10mi total)
Wed 3mi // 3xmi in 6:00 with 1min jog in between (an easy session) (12mi total)
Thu 10x(100m fast, 100m jog) // 6mi (11mi total)
Fri ?? 2 easy runs
Sat ?? Last hard workout
Sun ?? reduced long run
Mon-Thu ??
Fri last meet: 2mi race goal 10:40

For the last hard workout, what do you reccomend I do. My coach will not be there so I will be able to do my own workout. I know you would probably recommend something like LT + 3K + 3-4x150-200m. So which of these workouts do you think I should do (and why?):

* 2mi @ LT, 5min jog, 2x(mi @ 5:20 w/ 5min jog), 3x200m
* 3xmi @ LT w/ 1min jogs, 5min jog, 2x(mi @ 5:20 w/ 5min jog), 4x150m
* 5x1000m @ 3:20 with 2min rest, 3x200m
*12-16x400m @ 80 with 1min rest, 4x150m
*3xmi @ 5:20 w/ 5min rest
* a workout that you suggest

After this workout I will do a reduced long run (10ish) on Sunday. Mon-Thu will be only easy running, strides, and 1 or 2 maintnance LT + 3-4x150-200m. I think I will benefit alot from a proper taper because I've actually increaed my mileage thoughout the season (I know, bad idea) and will get really fresh legs from a good taper.


Last hard workout before peak 3200m race

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:14 am
by Tinman

The four physiologic areas that you must consider when peaking for your 3200m are these:

Endurance (Tinman Tempo running and Long EZ to Moderate paced running),

Stamina (LT-CV),

Aerobic power (5k-3k paced running),

Speed-Endurance (800m paced running).

If you have been running th 3200m regularly, you probably don't need to focus much on the Aerobic Power. AP can be maintained with a 3200m race every 10 days or about 4 minutes or 3k-3200m running every 5 days.

You probably need the other three areas more!

Here is what I suggest:

Fri - 2 x 4 miles, Slow to EZ

Sat - am - 2 miles warm up, 3 miles Tinman Tempo running at 6:23 per mile. Rest 3 minutes, hydrate. Then, run 3 x 400m at 800m pace, jog 800m between each. 2 miles cool down. * Later in the day, run 4 miles. Start this run at a crawling, slow pace. Let your body get rid of the junk in your legs! As you loosen up, gradually increase the pace. You should finish at a moderate effort over the last mile, not before! DOn't push hard. Just go be feel (for example - 1st mile - v. slow; 2nd mile - Slow; 3rd mile - EZ; 4th mile - Moderate. It will be important to hydrate with sports drink and eat sensible during the day. Don't eat much meat between the two workouts. Plenty of easily digestible food, but no sauces that have fat in them! No Alfredo or butter or oils!

After your second workout, stoke up on sports drink and if you have pineapple juice, I recommend drinking it because of it's heavy potassium citrate content - which is great for runners doing plenty of running in warm to hot weather!

Sun - do a 2 mile shakeout jog, early in the morning. Don't wear a watch. Just go as slowly as you must to get your legs to loosen up. That could be barely more than a crawl! Later in the day, jog 5-6 miles.

Mon - am - jog 2 miles; pm - Slow distance run and maybe some easy striders.

Tue - am - jog 2 miles; pm - 2-3 mile warm up, 1 mile moderate, 4 x 300m at 1600m pace, jog no less than 2 minutes between reps. If you can't do that, run slower in the reps by a couple seconds or so and that will take care of the need to "not overdo it before a big race." Run 2 miles to cool down. NO matter what, don't run hard and don't skip the warm up and the cool down. Don't cut it short and don't get brainwashed into thinking that you must taper drastically for the race. Do training that is fairly similar in amount to what you have been doing but reduce the overall amount of hard running you do in order to "peak."

Wed - am - jog 2 miles;
pm - Slow distance run - about 5-6 miles

Thur - am - sleep in.
pm - jog 4-5 miles - no matter how slow it is, you must not be breathing much during this run!

Fri - am - jog 1.5 mile to awaken your aerobic system for the race later today! pm - 45 minutes before you race, jog 10 minutes. Then run 5 minutes at a moderate effort. Next, run 4 x 30 seconds at 5k race-pace. Use the restroom. Put on your racing shoes. Very lightly stretch.

Then, about 10 minutes before the race, jog off and on until race time, throwing in 4-5 x 40-50m at about 3200m race-pace. Relax your mind!

Start the race without going nuts during the first 600m and your race will go fine. HOld back and then let the others drain their bodies. Run relaxed and focus on steady, smooth rhythmical running. Enjoy it and let your body run with strength and speed over the last 2 laps. Jog 15 minutes to cool down. Hydrate. Share you good experience with your family and friends.

Take care,

Coach T.

Here is my recommendation.

Last hard workout before peak 3200m race

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 9:25 pm
by citius99
Hey Coach T.

Just posting to give you an update on what's going on: Friday I ran 3mi in the morning and 5mi with some easy strides in the evening.

Today was supposed to be a hard workout, and I thought about what you posted before when you said Endurance, Stamina, Aerobic-Power, and Speed-Endurance being the key aspects I need to focus on for the 3200m. I think I have plenty of endurance and stamina, but lack the aerobic power and speed-endurace due to my base-building after my injury. I've only raced the 2mile 3x this year in addition to 1 VO2max workout (4xmile) and no speed-endurance (lactic tolerance) workouts at all after my minor injury 6 weeks ago (although I have kept legspeed by lots of striding and drills). So for today I decided to do 1600/1200/800/400m with 5min jogging in between to work on aerobic power and lactic tolerance. I was not able to do this workout in the morning like you suggested because a soccer game was going on and I wasn't allowed to. Anyway, here's how it went:

3mi warmup jog
4x100m strides
1600: 5:21
5min jog/walk
1200: 4:01
5min jog/walk
800: 2:30
5min jog/walk
400: 63
2.5mi cooldown jog (9mi total on the day)

what do you think?

Last hard workout before peak 3200m race

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 9:54 pm
by Tinman
C -

Looks like a solid workout!

Don't overdo it the rest of the week and you'll be fine.

Follow the outline I gave you for the rest of the days.

Take care,

Coach T.

Last hard workout before peak 3200m race

Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 8:59 am
by citius99
Hey Tinman,

Ran the 2 mile yesterday, 10:43 in blustery/windy conditions. My first mile was a 5:18. I tried following your plan as close as I could. Here's how the week went:

Sat: (aforementioned 1600/1200/800/400 workout)
Sun: 10mi in 75min + strides
Mon: 4mi easy // 6mi easy + strides
Tue: 2mi easy // 3mi, strides, 2mi LT in 12:09, 400m jog, 6x(200m fast, 200m jog), 2mi (10mi total on the day)
Wed: 3mi // 5mi + strides
Thu: 5mi + strides
Fri: 1.5mi jog // my warmup got a little thrown of before the race because they changed the order of events and I had already finished my 2.5mi warmup more than an hour before the race began. I sat down and warmed up again 30min before the race sarted (or I thought it started) and was ready to go but they decided to run the slow heat of the 2mi first. Because of the warmup (starting and stopping and trying to keep lose for like an hour and a half, my legs felt a little dead going into the race. Went out in a 5:18. Wind sucked. Had a good kick the last 150m. Pleased with how I ran. Thanks for all the advice.