Early Season and Sharpening

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Early Season and Sharpening

Post by 2minmaster » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:34 am

Our season has just got underway here in the UK. I've had a couple of races so far with a pb of 4 seconds in 1500m time 4m27s and just outside pb's in 600m 1m31s (pb 1m30s) and 400m 55.6s (pb 54.9s)

But was left massively dissapointed last night in the 3000m I really was expecting somewhere around 9m40s on the back of all the additional miles I've put in since August and the massive improvements I made in the xc season but ended up with 10m06s.

I am still a bit of a novice at the 3000m (was only my 4th race in 2 years) but tactically I think I made a mistake by not going off with the pack and trying to hang on but I ended the race with quite a lot left but during the race was worried I couldn't maintain the pace.

I have had some niggly injuries over the last few weeks (shins which have now cleared, but now have a groin niggle) which have reduced some of the volume I had been doing and also lost 5 days training in the second week of this month due to a sinus infection (was running in London when the Sahara sand cloud was over).

Usually I am a very strong finisher but at the moment I just don't feel as though I can hold any pace beyond 300m and generally feel as though I have lost a bit of sharpness from last year.

My base was between August and March and was running between 50-80 miles a week including 1 tempo, CV intervals and a Long Run between 60mins - 120mins or a XC race (anything between 5 miles and 9.25 miles) plus strides at least twice a week.

I started my Track season training at the beginning of this month keeping a 15-20min Tempo run once a week followed by either 5x300m with 500m jog recovery or 8x200m with 400m jog recovery then usually join in the Club training night on a Thursday which usually includes some 1km reps around CV pace (everybody else just tries to smash them out as fast as possible) followed by some faster reps. Have tried to also keep the long run of 60min - 90min every 2 weeks when possible  along with lots of easy running of between 18min - 50mins doubling up 5 days a week plus strides a couple of times a week with mileage between 45-60 miles a week. Races started just over a week ago  and usually have one at least once a week and usually I am racing at least 2 events or have a leg in a relay.

My main objective this year is to run under 2mins for the 800m (pb 2m04s) but I am starting to feel I am missing something.

Question is do I introduce a bit more speed and speed endurance work or do I stick with what I am doing and hope the sharpness returns with the regular racing?

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