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Thank you!

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:08 pm
by distcoach
I've been a coach for the past 7 years at the high school level.  Initially, I started using the Daniels approach, and had some success - guys PR'd, got better, etc.  Four years ago, I got a pair of talented twins and have been doing research ever since on how to help them get better.  I have stuck with the Daniels layout, but have modified workouts to focus more on tempo, CV paces, etc.  It depends on how my schedule is with meets and such.  I can't say that I specifically subscribe to the "Tinman" method (CV workouts each week, etc)... but I've learned to not do as many workouts, as many hard workouts, and include more tempo and more CV in my training plan. 

Well this past weekend was the culmination of it all at the state meet.  I finally coached a state champion (4:10 in the 1600), while his brother took 4th in the same race with a 4:13.  The champ closed in 60.7, 57.9 after a tactical first 800m.  He later went on to take 2nd in the 800, and they both combined with 2 other guys to run a 7:41 4x800 (1:57.3, 1:54.3, 1:57.9, 1:52.3).  It was a great weekend to say the least.  Not to mention that I had 16 guys go sub 5:00 in the 1600 this year (of the 25 that ran it).  My guys would not have had this kind of success without the knowledge and sharing that goes on with this board.  So with that, thank you very much.  Unfortunately, I have to now retire from coaching these past 7 years due to career and personal obligations.  But best of luck to everybody and all their athletes, and thank you to all, especially Tinman for sharing. 

Re: Thank you!

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:42 pm
by runthe8
Congratulations, it sounds like you have had a lot of success! 7:41, oh, that must have been a blast to watch!  16 kids under 5 minutes is great, I think I only had 5 boys do that this year, sheesh!  I love to read these stories.  Are the twins running in college next year?

Re: Thank you!

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:31 pm
by distcoach
Yes they will be running at Marquette (their older sister went there).  They both played football frosh/soph year before I finally convinced them to do cross as juniors.  Alec has always been ahead of the curve (1:56 as a frosh/ 4:28 - obvious aerobic development needed, then 1:56/4:19, 1:52/4:14/9:25, 1:52/4:10), while Aric developed steadily each year (2:03/4:46, 2:00/4:41, 1:56/4:28, 1:54/4:13/9:24).  They both have had speed all along, Alec was around 51s 400 as a frosh, Aric closer to 54... this year they both split 49.1.  Obviously they need more aerobic development ... we never got Alec in a serious 3200, but I suspect he'd be sub 9:00.  I usually aired on the side of caution when training them - they can't do great things if they're hurt. 

The hardest part of it all was fitting guys into varsity meets... with 16 guys sub 5:00, I had a 4:39 (soph) and a 4:40 (frosh) guy go 1-2 at JV Conference.  I had another frosh basically run 400's/800's all year because that's all I had room for (he ran an even split 4:42 at the end of April). 

The next coach is set for success - hopefully he doesn't screw it up!