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Another Peak in 6 Weeks

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:13 pm
by garraj055
I have a girl on my team that is racing well, but her season is finishing up next weekend. I've had the build up, peak training, and taper set up for Oct. 28th, but she wants to run the National Junior Olympic XC Championships on December 9th now. I've worked with her over the summer and throughout the fall, keeping steady at 1 tempo, 1 CV/Threshold, and 2x Short Sprints every week and have subbed out a CV effort for a race along the way. As we've gotten closer to the end of the season, we have done v02max work and she has shown steady improvement. Now I'm looking at another peak in 6 weeks. What should I be thinking about moving forward? My plan right now is to give her a week off/very low mileage week after her race, (Since she has been training since June.) then go back to the mileage she was running before. Chop the 6 weeks up into 3-2 week phases, Weeks 1-2: CV/Tempo type workouts, Weeks 3-4: v02max workouts, Weeks 5-6: Taper and sharpening. She's more of an 800m/miler in track, so I think she'd benefit from a longer taper. We've worked from repeat 4x800m to 4x1 mile repeats and we've done 4-5 mile tempos in the heart of the season. She should be a top 20 finisher at the JO Championships so I want to give her a good chance when competing there!