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Advice for upcoming 5k

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:42 pm
by Cristian Moreno
Hello, Tinman and others,
First off, I can't thank you enough Tinman for sharing your philosophy with the community and giving the opportunity to allow everyone to learn. Ever since I found out about this site, I have been reading articles daily and gathering information. I'm actually doing more reading on this site than my Organic textbook (I'm currently majoring in Biology) haha! I applied your philosophy to my training mid-December. I ran a 5k race on 12/16/17 with a time of 17:51 (My pr is 16:46 from high school but I took a year off and started training again in August 2017 for my college cross country team). Since the race, that is when I applied Tinmans philosophy. One week consisted of 5-6 CV intervals with 200m jogs + 4x200m w/200m jog at mile pace, Tinman Tempo over hills or Tinman Tempo + reps of hills sprints + quick striders, and a long run over hills. Following week, I would do CV intervals plus 200s, stamina intervals so I did mile repeats at Tempo pace w/ a minute rest plus striders, and a long run that consisted the last 4 miles or so down to tempo effort over rolling hills. I slowed down my easy runs and I have a lot of energy when it comes to my workouts and I don't feel beat up like used too. I'm currently at 62-66 mpw. My goal race is in the middle of April. I did a 3k time trial about two weeks ago and I pr'd which wasn't my intention at all! I ran 9:31 so the avg is 3:10 per k and my pr was a 9:38 from high school. I felt good and went through the first 1k in 3:09 and rolled right through without a kick. I used tinmans calculator to get my pace so of course, my CV pace is faster. I was doing the intervals at 3:40-3:43 before the trial and each week I made the reps 1-2 seconds faster. I did CV ks at 3:27 pace earlier this week and I felt just as good as when I did it at 3:40 and I hit every rep on time.

I have a race coming up on February 4, a 5k race I do every year since high school. There is usually good competition and this is the race where I hold my Pr. I don't think running another time trial would be a good idea since the race would act as a VO2 workout. I was planning to do this weeks schedule as I normally did but the week of the race (which is on a Sunday) is where I'm stuck at. I read a thread on this site that a good simulator would be 1.5 mile at LT then a set of hill reps and back to another 1.5 mile LT 2-3 days before the race. Should I do this or a Tinman Tempo + hills + quick striders?

I would appreciate it if anyone gave me feedback, negative or positive, doesn't matter. I am still trying to learn and adapt Tinmans philosophy into my training so anything would be great. I hope to hear from you Tinman, others are more than welcome as well! Thank you!