Alternative to all-moderate approach

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Belgian Bloke
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Alternative to all-moderate approach

Post by Belgian Bloke » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:57 am

I recently tried the all-moderate approach (1 hour moderate every day - 7 days a week),
but though i felt the training worked for me, i got fairly tired quickly in just a few weeks (moderate pace is around 6:30 for me).

Would it work if i polarized the training a bit more, but still keep it fully aerobic:
switching between a bit slower than moderate pace and marathon pace (this would be 7:00 pace and 6:00 pace respectively).
It would also make it a bit less boring...

The training would look something like this:

mon: 60' easy (7:00 pace)
tue: 60' hard (6:00 pace) + strides
wed: 60' easy
thu: 60' hard + strides
fri: 60' easy
sat: 60' easy/moderate/hard (based on how i feel) + strides
sun: long run (90'-120') easy + strides

I race every 3 weeks on average, usually a 5k, sometimes a longer race (10k, 15k).
Races are usually on sunday.

Maybe a bit of backstory:

I started running 5 years ago at age 19, without any training i ran a 20:00 5k.
I joined a running club, and got coached by a coach who was a former 800m runner.
The first year i averaged 40-45 mpw with 2-3 hard interval workouts (e.g. 10 x 200m in 32" R. 200m jog)
After 8 months i ran 16:07 in a 5000m track race (pretty hot weather), after 1 year i ran a 33'20" 10k road race.
When i upped my mileage to 60 mpw after that first year, i got my first injury.
Ever since that moment, I've gotten on average 2 major injuries (4-6 weeks out) every year. (usually inflamations on foot or ankle)
Over the next 2.5 years i slowly got to a 5000m PR of 15'35".
I ran this PR on 50-55 mpw, 'standard' training: 6-7 days a week, 2 hard interval workouts (one short, one long), no real long run.
Unfortunately my race times were pretty inconsistent using this method. If i went above 60 mpw (or 7 hours), i would get injured in less than 3 weeks.

About a year ago, i started training on my own after a discussion with my coach on training and growing tired of the same cycle of 4-5 months training - 1 month injury.
When i changed my training to all-moderate, after reading about Ron Clarke and co , i felt better and my race times got more consistent and very close to my PR all the time, even in some pretty bad conditions.
4 months ago, i ran a 5k road race in 15'36", the distance was exactly 5k, and considering
the fact that i ran solo from start to finish, i think i could have done around 15'15" on track.
1 month after this race i got another injury, though i think it had more to do with temperature dropping.
But I am getting pretty discouraged that i still haven't found a way to stay injury free...

Spider Man
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Re: Alternative to all-moderate approach

Post by Spider Man » Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:00 am

You clearly have some talent. ...

I think that you must accept that from time to time that the training required to get you to the level that you are at will from time to time cause injury ... some are more susceptible to injury than others. ...

My advice is simple really ... stick to a training regime that you enjoy & are comfortable with, but to reduce the risk of injury every 4th week reduce mileage/intensity to about 50% of your normal level. ... Consistency is key to performance gains but sometimes you just need to be smart & clever to keep things moving forward.

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Re: Alternative to all-moderate approach

Post by dilluh » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:45 pm

My opinion is that you may need to back off on mileage (down to 40-45 mpw) for now. Also, get rid of the hard intervals. Stick with two less intense workouts per week. One should be a tempo run as Tinman defines it, and the other should be somewhere around LT or CV pace on the track - maybe 4-5k worth of 1k repeats on short rest. Get in a long run on the weekend - if it feels ok, let it progress up to moderate pace as you warm up. All other filler mileage should be really easy. Might look something like M: tempo run, Tu: easy, W: easy, Th: track workout, F: easy, Sa: long run, Su: off. Spice it up with a set of strides at least 2-3 times per week. Unless you have significant structural problems with bones/tendons/muscles - this schedule at around 40-45 mpw shouldn't require any down time at all for someone with your talents.

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Re: Alternative to all-moderate approach

Post by Tinman » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:31 pm

Modulating training intensity is highly effective vs training the same intensity daily.
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