Transitioning talented athletes from 800/400 to XC - 5k

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Transitioning talented athletes from 800/400 to XC - 5k

Post by daytondmb41 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:53 pm

Hey I'm new to the forum and have been using Tinman methodology over the last couple seasons with my JH and HS Girls XC/Track teams. We have a very talented Female 800/400 runner who is running XC for the first time this fall.

60.5 and 2:15.3 for 400/800 respectively as a sophomore. Recently ran a Time Trial during Conditioning for XC...warmer day, 13:00

My question:

how to Set a CV/TT pace for her, based off 400/800 she's far faster than her 3200 would suggest. 5:40 (based on 400/800 calculation) vs 6:50-7:00 based on 2 mile.

I'm assuming go based off the 2 mile, I'd assume her times should drop pretty quickly as she develops her aerobic capacity and threshold

Obviously the strength/stamina work from Tinman will do wonders for her over the course of this season and fortunately she's out to conditioning workouts, now hopefully she's putting in the miles on the other days as well as prescribed....

welcome your thoughts/opinions, thank you!

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Re: Transitioning talented athletes from 800/400 to XC - 5k

Post by cweeks » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:32 pm

If she is trying to run her best 5k, then I would base her CV/LT and TT times off her 3200m time trial time for now. It sounds like she would have a hard time running the paces you listed for 800m-1000m repeats.

However, since she is a true 400m/800m runner I don't think it would hurt to once in a while have her run CV reps at a faster pace. Coach Schwartz has a great way to calculate CV for the "Long distance sprinter" that is on his site. However, she would probably need to do reps of 200m, 400m, or 600m repeats with short recovery depending on her fitness. She also might not be in the same 400m/800m shape right now during the spring so you would also have to take that into account if you are to go this route.

In a perfect world runners equivalent times would be even across the board. For example, last year we had a 1:55 800m runner on our team. If you go to Tinman's calculator, the equivalent time for 1:55 is about 9:02 for 3200m. However, there is no way he could have run that time. Not even close! If I would have given him CV times based off his 800m pr it would have been disastrous.

There is a great post, a few posts below, regarding stamina training for the 400m/800m runner during track season. I would take a look at that. Hopefully that helped and hopefully this is sound advice!

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