Winter Training for Track

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Winter Training for Track

Post by NIch_xc » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:57 pm

Looking for some advice on my base (winter) Training for Track this year. Recently I’ve been reading more and more about training and I find your (tinman) Training methods really interesting and I’m hoping you can help me figure it out better.

I am a senior this year and have been running since 6th grade, but didn’t really get serious until sophomore year as my PRs will show just through high school.
9th XC - 20:25 (15 mpw + biking)
9th Track - 63 400, 2:26 800 (20 mpw)
10th XC - 18:16 (30 mpw)
10th Track - 59 400, 2:22 800, 12:05 3200 (25 mpw and I pole vaulted the first half of the season)
11th XC - 17:42 (35 mpw + probably overtrained)
11th Track - 56 400, 4:48 1600 ( 3 weeks of 40 mpw in Nov/Dec then no running till February because of illness and injuries , 30 mpw in season)
12th XC - So far 17:26 (50 mpw, still mid season and looking to dip under 17 based off my training (will peak for districts and state))
All of my training has been lydiard based, so usually shorter total distance hard days and long recovery and slow pace easy days

12th Track Goals - 2:00 800, 4:30 1600

Now, my question is, what should a weekly schedule look like for me this winter? I’ve read a lot by you, but I’m not sure what to do about mileage per week and how to organize the week itself. I don’t need a full training plan as I’ll most likely adapt what you say to fit my week (can only train Mon - Sat because of religious reasons on Sun), but it would help a lot and be greatly appreciated if you could suggest a weekly mileage to build to and the mileage goal of each day or something similar.

Thanks a ton!

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Re: Winter Training for Track

Post by FTIR » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:36 am

You may have noticed that the site hasn't been that busy lately. I will give your question a whirl but really you need to read lots more of what is already on here. I'm not really a coach so I'm going to give you a few links to get you started.

My first thought is about your 2:00 and 4:30 goals. I could start with the idea that a 56 400 is unlikely to support a 2:00 800 but without knowing your 200 time, I could be wrong. Anyway, I think there is a bigger problem with goals that was discussed here: ... s+problems
Search fallacy of goals if the link doesn't work

There is also a lot on here about HS athletes who ask for help but don't really have control of their training plan because they have HS coaches. Without knowing more, it looks like you overtrained last fall and winter so you need a plan that you are going to be able to do week after week without blowing up. I would start here ... y+rotation
Search lower mileage but still effective if the link doesn't work

After your season, instead of taking a week or two off, run two weeks of the three day rotations but divide all workouts in HALF. So 2.5 miles per day with say 1 mile in zone 2 on day 2 and 1 mile in zone 3 on day 3. You probably want to put in an extra day in zone 1 so that two cycles plus the extra day in zone 1 covers 1 week so you know you will be doing zone 3 on particular days of the week.

For another two weeks build up to Tom's first week, most likely sticking with the extra day in zone 1. Build up means alternating full (5 mile) and half (2.5 mile) versions of the cycle days Then go through the months of Tom's buildup with the extra zone 1 day. Only once you truly know that you can handle the hardest version of the schedule (6 miles per day, hill charges and 100s) in 7 days should you try to pull out the extra day in zone 1.

Good luck. Remember there are lots of other schedules on here, even if you like this one, you should go read about the others because most of the best ideas are spread far and wide and you just have to dig them out.

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Re: Winter Training for Track

Post by Nilcardo » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:56 am

I also would like to get some winter training tips as well. Thanks for the reply.

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