speed and endurance (Old board)

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speed and endurance (Old board)

Post by Ron » Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:16 am

Once again, thanks to maccy for supplying this thread.

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Posted - 01/16/2007 : 23:28:06

I'm finding I am running really well over a flat out 100-150 in training and running really well at anything from 1500 pace up but when it comes to running a flat out 400 or a hard 800 then I am just tightening up really badly. Obviously without giving you my exact training program you can't give detailed advice but is that something that will just develop with more specific training at that pace or is there something I should being doing differently. I guess in summary how can you have good basic speed and good aerobic endurance but perform badly in the middle range of these distances?



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Posted - 01/17/2007 : 14:57:32

Bullseye -

To run an 800m well, I've found as a coach, requires 5 things.

1) Good pure speed - how fast you can run 150m is vital!

2) Your lactate threshold - if you have a low one, you really, really have to make up for it with speed and speed-endurance (anaerobic capacity).

3) Anaerobic capacity - doing a bunch of 300s, for example, at a strong speed will help this. Example workout - 8 x 300m at slightly under 1500m pace, jog 300m. Don't cut the recovery too short! It will compromise both your ability to hold speed and your motor-neural coordination. You need to teach your body to run fairly fast for quite a while without falling apart biomechanically!

4) Race-specific repetition work, but not in high volume. Example: 3-4 x 400ma t 800m pace, jog 800m between reps. Example, 2 x 600 at race pace, jog 1200m between reps plus 2 x 200m at just under 800m pace, jog 400m between reps.

5) Plenty of racing at the 800m distance. You must learn to "tough it out." IF you don't race the 800m enough times, it is likely that you'll fall short of reaching your best time. The only way to overcome this is to do time trials - like 600m, flat out, to teach your body to cope with severe acidosis. There is a huge mental part to holding a fast pace from the 500m to the 800m mark. You have to know that you can suffer greatly, yet you'll be ok. YOu have to fight off the survival mechanisms in your body and mind that want to make you quit!

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