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Wellpark's first 53 mile Hilly Ultra

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 8:30 am
by Wellpark
Hi All,

I have been kicking about here for a few years and I have learned a lot. Tinman has coached me and I have performed beyond expectations within a few months of his input.

Last year, I had a terrible time with injury - one of the reasons I sought out The Runzone was to find 'another way'. I have had underlying stability issues and I have had to go away and rebuild.

This has led to a lot of lower intensity work and more cross training. The upshot was that I was able to run 53 miles in 9h 33m over a hilly technical course strong and without injury. I have already recovered fairly quickly since completing the course 3 days ago. I have ran one 3.5 mile run - cycled 18 miles and hope to get the ball rolling over the next few days - following Tinman's recovery chart ;-)

From a race perspective, I did not want to push too hard as this was my first time round the course - I started 2nd last out of 500 runners. I was 36th after 12.5 miles, 22nd After 27 miles (started to feel it at this stage and eased back) I was 41st after 41 miles (I think I faded to around 60th over the last section- lack of experience more than fitness caught me out more than anything during the last phase) I regained my composure - dug myself out of a hole - with lots of great support and pushed on to finnish 50th.

OK - I am not writing about PR's (although they are still out there) but this was a wonderful achievement that would not have been possible without the support of Tom and the community here.

All the best and thanks.

There is a photo of me at the finnnish for anyone interested. That smile did not leave my face the whole way round! (whenever a camera or supporter popped up) ... 3378274172


Re: Wellpark's first 53 mile Hilly Ultra

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 10:58 am
by BoilerTom90
Congrats! You were even able to smile for the camera!