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Wow sub 1:27…a 1:26:55!

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:48 pm
by runkona
Wow sub 1:27…1:26:55!

Last week a 10k 38:50 on some what small graded rise, if on a track it might have been a 38:15. Today not nearly a flat course but it sort of helped with a good amount of long flat sections, and so did holding back on the first 1/3rd of the course to be about the average race pace. First 3miles uphill and evident in miles 2,3,4 being 6:50-7 mm, by mile 4 picked up a group of runners where 4 men and one woman amassed together for a group run for the next 45mins to the 5k mark to go. This made it a more interesting run, several of us made conversation making for a little relaxed and experience a pace that with time should become a conversation pace. I did aim for a HR of 151, 81% of max, but this didn’t happen and became 10beats over this into 91% of max. Nevertheless it did make for a foundation break through work out were the next 4 months of training can be compared to. The goal being to run this pace off biking 55miles in the 70.3 Ironman distance.

1st 7km 29:35, 7-14km 29:04, 14-21k 28:14, Although 30 to 60mins felt slower perhaps due in part to tiring legs; with another 20mins to go it was a matter of hanging on to the speed and just see where it would go. Fortunately 5k to go it was mostly flat to small slight negative grade. Now our group of runners split into their own respective pace. With 1k to go it was now juts see what was left in the legs and perhaps run near 6 flat for the last 1k. I did feel the pervious 1k was a tad on the slower pace. Up a rise, round the corner, over the curb and finally the clock. Oh darn missed clock of sub 1:27, but then nice surprise with the Garmin time rewarding me sub 1:27. Mind you I did start at the back of the pack at the start. Phew. so much for a training  run at  81% effort. All smiles because my last 13.1 was 1:28:27 on a much flatter course where HR was 1 bpm higher.