Welcome Cool Running Boomers

A place for those of us over 40 to share their thoughts about running, racing or just life in general, as well as training plans and ideas. These discussions are open to runners of ALL levels.

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Welcome Cool Running Boomers

Post by ksrunr » Fri Aug 17, 2007 9:45 am

ksrunr here. 52 yo and have been running off and on for 37 years. Next goal race is Disney marathon in Jan. Shooting for 3:10. Training for that race begins end of Aug.

good runs to ya


Welcome Cool Running Boomers

Post by efahl » Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:09 pm

I've been here on TRZ for a while, but tested the waters at CR back when I got into running last year. I very much appreciate the extreme competence of the management and commentators here (including Tinman, Ron and several other TRZ "old timers"), so this is where I hang most of the time.

My story is that I ran track in junior high, then drifted through competitive speed skating, cycling and dabbled in multi-sport for many years, before I came back to focus on running last year, so you you could say I had a 35 year layoff.

I'll put +1 on Ben's comments on recovery, I not only need more days in between workouts, I also need more warmup and cooldown than before. When I was racing bikes seriously (state AG TT champ in '96), I could ride hard as often as I wanted (usually 5-6 times per week), doing doubles four days a week, no warmup, no cooldown and felt just fine.

Ten years later, that ain't gonna happen no more! Every run has 1.5-2 miles warmup, 1.5-2 miles cooldown and I go easy 4 days a week, moderate on one and hard on two. I still end up with injuries to feet (mostly), lower leg (occasionally) and upper leg (rarely) more often than I should. I had a calf injury (peroneous longus tear at the origin) that gave me a six week layoff from running in April/May, during which I rode my bike (like a novice racer, 20-40 milers with some pretty hard days); this tired me out a lot more than it had 10-15 years ago.

At one+ year into running again, I can say that I can still go as hard as ever on hard days, but I need to make them much less frequent and with longer, easier intervals between those hard workouts.



Welcome Cool Running Boomers

Post by dg9 » Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:25 am

I just wanted to say thanks for the welcome. This does seem like a nice place. Me? I'm old. & new. ;)

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