August 28 daily thread

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August 28 daily thread

Post by MaineRunner2001 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:35 pm

Plan to do five easy after work.

I have decided to take a pair of sneakers I bought on August 7 back to Olympia Sports and see if I can get partial credit on a new pair. I have bought sneakers from them for 6+ years, and this is the first pair that did not last more than three - four months (400+ miles). My legs are acting like the sneakers are shot ???

Also - Friday is my high school son's first XC meet of the season!

Good runs all

Livin' the dream

August 28 daily thread

Post by Livin' the dream » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:44 pm

Quiet day here today. Ran a good CV workout this morning. 5*1000 (~3:37each) with 200M jog rest interval. 9 miles total.

Had a run in with a dog that chased me and I think I scared some kids during the incident. Here's a rough transcript:

Me (addressed to lone adult in the group of kids waiting for the bus with the dog): "You should keep your dog on a leash for his safety. I may have to protect myself and I don't want to hurt it"

Lady: "It's not my dog"
Me: "Well, whose dog is it?"
Lady (pointing to young children): "It's theirs" (Nothing like passing the buck to 7 year olds)
Me (addressed to kids): "Keep that dog on a leash. If he comes after me I'm going to have to kick him"

I didn't yell but I feel a little bad directing it at the kids. So, now I'm no longer the happy-go-lucky-crazy-runner guy. I'm the mean old guy who's going to hurt some kids' dog. Is it really so hard to keep dogs on a leash?

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August 28 daily thread

Post by Ron » Wed Aug 29, 2007 6:28 am

What a terrible run...I ended up in the worst part a Saginaw, MI. Doors and windows must be optional on the houses around there.

Looking at the map, it looked like I could run out of it in about a mile as I came to a river, and a parkway. Well the parkway wasn't much better so I turned at 2.5 miles and just prayed I'd make it back with out any trouble.

In hind sight, it was probably a bad idea to be running around there with a fancy Garmin watch on my wrist and a Ipod on my hip. I will not run there again.

5 miles altogether in 36:00 (7:12)
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August 28 daily thread

Post by ksrunr » Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:08 am

late post for me. 4 miles easy on the hills with the wife last night and then a 5 mile bike time trial. 10 secs faster than last week and avg. over 23 mph. It was a good workout.

Careful where you run! (Or run really fast)

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