Saturday, September 15th Daily

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Saturday, September 15th Daily

Post by OstranderRunner » Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:54 am

Saturdays are my long day. I planned to run 13 miles easy (7-minute pace). The temperature was a bit cool this morning at 6:30am; 45 degrees with 8 mph winds. It was cold enough for me to puton a pair of my "bullet-proof" underwear (at least that is what my wife calls it). I also wore my GPS watch to make sure I ran 13 miles at least.

I started off slow since I have no run distances this long too often by myself. I was surprised with my finishing time for the 13 miles with a pace of 6:36. I was very tired after the run, but it felt good to get a quick long run in.


Saturday, September 15th Daily

Post by ksrunr » Sat Sep 15, 2007 10:02 am

Morning Brent and those to follow. A short 5.5 recovery run to finish the week. I too ran 13 yesterday by myself in rolling hills but not your pace :) .

Have bumped my weekly mileage back up to 50 last 2 weeks. Feel pretty good. LR next week will be 14 and goes up each week to 20.

76 degrees this morning so not as bad as could have been.

good runs to ya,

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Saturday, September 15th Daily

Post by Ron » Sat Sep 15, 2007 10:32 am

Nice running guys!

This morning was just beautiful here too. Sunny, breezy and upper 40's.
10 miles very easy in 1:08:18 (6:49) in my stealth Mizuno racing flats. They are stealth because they are not available in the US. As Team Good River's major sponsor, Mizuno supplied us with a few pairs to test out. I wore them in the rain at The Crim a few weeks ago and they killed my feet and I ended up with blisters. Now, in the dry weather with thicker socks, they felt great!

Embarrassing fact: Dogs are so much faster than us it's just not fair. During the last couple miles of my run today I was feeling so good I picked up the pace to mid 6:20's. As I came up a street near my house a large, but skinny yellow lab was standing in the street. When he saw me coming he decided to charge at me of course. Strange thing was he just passed me up and kept running. How strange is that I thought. Then, not more then 200m later he went blowing by me on the grass like I was standing still. He stopped ahead of me and sniffed around for a bit until I passed him, then he did it again! and again. I told him to stop showing off. Finally, when he decided to run next to me for a bit, he had to slow down to a trot/fast walk so I could keep up with him. Being bipedal Sucks!
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Saturday, September 15th Daily

Post by tigger » Sat Sep 15, 2007 1:11 pm

Dogs are quick but I bet you could take him in a 5k race Ron!

Today was supposed to be 4 miles easy, but I ran 5 miles with 4 at threshold (8:35) pace. It was on the track, so very good knowledge of distance and pace. I warmed up with a mile of running the corners and walking the straights. Then a running warm up mile to get up to threshold pace. I wanted to run 2:10 per 400 meters, but started at 2:08 so I held it there for 4 metric miles (8:35, 8:30, 8:28, 8:30) before finishing with a run/walk mile cooldown.

Tomorrow is long run day. Supposed to do 12 miles to finish a 33 mile week for the second week of Pfitzinger's 24/55. Since I have averaged over 50 for the last two months I will probably do a bit more and wind up with around 45 miles for the week.

Next week's schedule bumps up a bit to 5 days and 37 miles, so it will be another relatively easy one for me.

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