Suggested training plan plse for running a 13.1 near 1:30's

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Suggested training plan plse for running a 13.1 near 1:30's

Post by runkona » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:05 pm

The candidate profile: Male, 47, 185, 6-1,
Run times:
26.2 3ys ago      3:17:xx
13.1 <6mths ago 1:27:xx
15K <6mths ago    59:59,
10K <6mths ago    38:15
CV's are currently    6:12
Threshold                6:24.0
Tempo                      6:45.0
MAF test < 7 days old holding HR 138-141 @ 6:42+/-5secs

Currently in build phase with a deep aerobic foundation in triathlon and a 3 mths duathlon prgramme by Tom, I have several sprint triathlons with 5/6k runs in them for the next 4/5wks,  but the goal is Jan 20th, a half ironman race where the run is 13.1miles off a 55mi bike. Goal here is run as close to 1:30.

Can you makes some suggestions plse for the next 4-5 weeks or paste some links to previous postings on the forum for some good 2x weekly cv workouts/speeds sessions and maybe suggested long run for the weekend. I'm sort of guessing the long run for me will usually off the bike for an hour and will pace according to race pace of 7:15:7:30, so I guess the long run is taken care off. The long run I will not push the pace keeping the effort near 80-85%. Just keeping the effort under check.

I've work best having a plan and if you have your best picks, would love to pick n choose to mix up mine. Normally Tom gives me some CV @ either 1k or 1mi with numerous repeats. But for the next 4 weeks perhaps I can get some of your suggested workouts for picking up some speed during the next 2x/week speed session for the following 4 weeks.
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Re: Suggested training plan plse for running a 13.1 near 1:30's

Post by Tinman » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:10 am


I can work on your CV and threshold workouts today during my break from teaching at school.

Do you have a good idea what you can run in a 5km or 10km (or both) race today?

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