50k in 5hrs on treadmill using Zwift

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50k in 5hrs on treadmill using Zwift

Post by runkona » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:07 am

50k in almost 5hrs running. Not to shabby for a 52yo.

Post script.
On the same day of the Yurrabilla Ultra here in Adelaide South Australia & not able to be at the start line thought I might as well do my own and while at it make it a race vs the only other Zwift runner Facebook doing the same.
A couple of firsts running the 50k using zwift run mode as I mostly just use it for hour runs or intervals and any long runs are in my backyard on the trails in Morialta Park.
Never run longer than 90 mins on the tm,
Haven't run a marathon since 2010 let alone on a treadmill
First time 50 k period
Pretty pleased for a 52 yo and not really run fit as any training was mostly 90-180 long runs for the past 3 months, and only in the last 4 weeks I commenced running cv intervals twice a week for speed.

2010, my last 26.2 it was Arizona RnR and felt pretty beat up, this time the comforts of the treadmill surface, availability of the toilet, espresso machine (this really helped), plenty of gels as well as the tv, iTunes and plenty of fans at hand made for a somewhat pleasurable experience considering all things.

What I learnt.
Choose a day not too hot unless you have air con in your pain cave
Head sweat bands
Chaffing cream
Couple of shoes and shorts to swap out
Hand towels dry and moist, the moist one is great for whisking away sweat and with the fans in enhance the cooling effect
Espresso machine
Variety of gels
Power cord for powering the iPad
Pace well early, be conservative
Expect to stop for the bathroom
Had I trained for this I would have gone sub 5 but the fun was in the experiment and spontaneity giving what base training I had in the tank.

Facebook zwift runners

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