Weather Forcing Change in Workout Structure

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Weather Forcing Change in Workout Structure

Post by BFB344 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:19 am

I help structure workouts for my son's high school cross-country team and show up when I can. They raced on October 14th and October 17th. A lot of these kids are 4-5 day a week runners, so I can only speak confidently about what my son has been doing since then:

1) 10.18 - off
2) 10.19 - easy/moderate 6 miles on a hilly golf course, followed by 3*100 stride at 800-1600 pace with walk-back.
3) 10.20 - 5.5 easy/moderate with 3 30 second pick-ups thrown in at 5K pace.
4) 10.21 - 6 miles with first three easy and last three at 6:20/6:20/6:10 - he has run 16:30 twice this year (instructions were to go 5K pace + 1:00). 3*100 stride at 800 pace with walk-back after run.
5) 10.22 - 5.5 at 7:30 pace.
6) 10.23 - thunderstorms might force the kids inside, with limited access to treadmills for some. Today was going to be:
1) 1 mile warm-up then stretching/drills
2) 2*200 at 3K pace with 200 jog, followed by easy 400 jog.
3) 1600 at 5K pace plus 3 seconds
4) 800 very easy jog
5) 1600 at 5K pace less 10 seconds
6) 800 very easy jog
7) 4*200 at mile pace with 200 jog
8) Easy cooldown

10.24 - very easy 5 miles or so
10.25 - Easy Warmup, 4*800 at slightly slower than CV pace with 2:00 rest, easy jog, 4*30-35 second hill at mile pace, cooldown.
10.26 - easy 4-5 miles
10.27 - easy 3 miles, then 3*100 at 800 pace with 100 walk-back.
10.28 - race

We have not done much Max V02 pace work above 400 meters this year. The Monday workout, particularly the second 1600 meters, was meant to provide a hard sustained effort. Looking back at my college logs from a lifetime ago, we tended to taper mileage too much without any hard sustained efforts (more than 2:00) between Districts and Nationals. If we can't go hard today, I'm inclined to do the Monday workout tomorrow, easy Wednesday then go 2*1000 at slightly slower than CV on Thursday, with 3*100 strides on the track to finish rather than the hills. I like to do some faster short hill work at least once a week, but I think two days (and really about 42 hours) before may be a little too close. Any advice would be appreciated.


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